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Expert analysis indicates that mobile applications will contribute immensely to tourism development in years to come. Keeping up with the times, we have introduced mobile apps into our offer. We specialize in apps integrated with printed travel guides.


We develop mobile apps from conception till the final product, based on a unique graphic design and containing well-written informative texts, professional photographs and drawings.
  • An app is much more than just a travel guide

Our apps show maps with an overview of attractions, guide you to any place you like, contain informative well-cut commentaries and magnificent photographs and illustrations. 

  • Apps integrated with printed travel guides

We specialize in apps integrated with printed travel guides. Point your mobile at a photograph and see magic happen...


  • Augmented reality

Augmented reality is an innovative solution that has revolutionized the market of tourist mobile applications. Augmented reality offers virtual descriptions of selected attractions. Just point your phone at the object you like.



  • A photo with a virtual figure

What are the most famous people of your town, region, country? Now you can be photographed with them...




PWR publishing house was established in 1998 with an aim to producing professional tourism publications. Today, we are a leading publisher of full-colour travel guides to towns, cities, regions and countries, highly valued for their accuracy, reliability, and sumptuous photography. Regularly expanded, our portfolio contains brochures, leaflets, and maps as well. 

Our offer is directed mainly to public institutions whose task and mission is to promote regional tourist values; therefore local governments and social organizations constitute the vast majority of our clients. 
For years we have gathered experience needed to handle the most demanding tasks. Effective communication with our customers has helped us develop a truly diverse offer. We guarantee the best quality of our products. We hope that you are interested to start cooperation with us.
  • What ensures high quality of our applications?




The Chełmno-Dobrzyń Tourist Trail app       /    The Municipality of Wielgie in old photographs app




We won the first prize in the prestigious Róża Regionów (The Region Rose) competition during the International Tourism Fair in Poznań Tour Salon 2014 for the mobile app integrated with a travel guide to the Chełmno-Dobrzyń Tourist Trail.

In the same competition we won an award for the mobile app integrated with the publication entitled The Municipality of Wielgie in old photographs.




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